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I Want Your Life

A vague story idea hits you one day. You think it would pass, just like a hundred other vague ideas have, in the past. But to your surprise, this one stays. You are unsure at first, but interest seeps in gradually. You toy with the idea in your head.  As the story takes shape and characters are born, you are drawn deep into that universe. You look up facts, read accounts, and do some research on matters that would form the core of the story. You observe. Your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, the people you saw on the metro or in a restaurant. You engage in social debates - online and offline. You observe life. All of it may not find its way into a story. But, some would. You start writing (typing). An entire chapter some days. A few lines some other days. As you write, you realize the story is evolving over the course. You finish writing the first draft. You add a working title. “I Want Your Life”. Your story is now a word document in your computer. You want it to be a paperback