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Cancel Theppu

  This is what happened. A youngster shot a girl dead in Kerala, and then killed himself. The police are investigating the case, and prominent theories suggest that the two were in a relationship, she ended the relationship for reasons unknown and he committed the crime as an act of revenge. Most people reacted to the news with utter disbelief, and anger. But let us talk about the people in the screen-shot and their disgusting comments. I will give a sense of the comments for those who don't know Malayalam. The first comment is a textbook example of victim blaming. The person says that the girl might have dumped him which was why he got enraged. “Equal blame on both”, the comment say. The second comment goes on to empathize with the killer, highlighting the pain he must have gone through to take such a drastic step. And there are many other comments conveying similar sentiments. In a society where the term dating is largely unheard of, many people believe ending a relationship is s