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Let’s talk subtitles

Recently, there was some heated discourse in the social media after trolls appeared abusing a firm for translating subtitles of popular TV shows and revered movies in Malayalam. The now infamous term ‘colony’ was tossed around to bring about a class structure in entertainment. Apparently, the shows like Breaking Bad or Money Heist or movies like Inception were to be appreciated only by those who knew English. Reminded me of the racist Americans who go around saying “if you don’t speak English, go back to your country”. While, ideally it should have been “if you speak English, go back to England”.  If they are purists and have a problem with subtitles in Malayalam, then they should have installed Dup and started learning Italian before humming “Bella Ciao”. Anyway, I do have some history with subtitles. Nothing much, except that I have been asked to do the subs for some of the short films my friends have made.  I do not know how that offer came about, cause I have never been e