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The Trial

'Let the trials begin!' Proclaimed the jury. The accused were brought As the air charged with fury. Spectators were in abundance For, this trial had no precedence. The accused were no mere mortals A beast, metal and a web portal. Trial began for Whatsapp, Accused for several mishaps. 'You spread lies and hate, As innocents faced unlucky fate'. 'Riding their bikes, far they traveled To escape from the rushes and explore the unraveled. Child stealers! You called them. Scared, the natives went for rods and spades. On a dastardly day when "Guest is God" faded. How do you plead, gulity or not?' 'A simpleton I am, I bring people close. Reuniting people with whom they had lost. Harming anyone is not in my code. Though I do get played by people of fraud. I am nothing but a humble messenger Like water, I adapt into what is being entered. Not guilty I plead, though I repent all that has happened.' Exit WhatsApp, enter the gun. &

Follow the Anger

This is personal. I thought about it and found the whole process very interesting. Hence, sharing. Please read to find out. Before going into the personal details, let me bring two movie scenes into the context. Munnabhai MBBS (Hindi, 2003) - Munna’s parents travel from their village to where Munna stays. Their arrival at the railway station is eventful as it involves Hari Prasad Sharma, Munna’s father, foiling an attempted pickpocket upon himself. The onlookers quickly jump in and start the bashing the life out of the culprit. Before things go bloody, Hari Prasad intervenes and frees the guy. He asks him to observe the anger built up within the crowd. ‘Someone has come fighting with their spouse. Someone’s son has disobeyed him. Someone is fed up of the rampant corruption while someone else is fuming over the cricket team’s failure. And they are all going to lash out their frustration on you.’ Maheshinte Prathikaram (Malayalam, 2016) - There is a brilliant, well executed