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Are you alone?. It was her voice that brought me out of the South African lanes where I was loitering with the young Trevor Noah. I folded my copy of Born A Crime, and looked at her direction as I tried to process the question that came as an intrusion to my uninterrupted train of thoughts. Yes. I felt a fear crawling up from the inner walls of my belly as the pretty girl put her bag on the luggage rack and decided to sit right next to me. If I remember rightly, this exact scene with this exact verbal exchange has panned out in The Unbreakable some moments before the train they were traveling crashed. I checked for a ring on her. I could not find any. I too was unmarried. So the scene was not entirely similar after all. I was relieved. So, where are you headed to? I initiated. Oh, I would get down at the next station. Thiruvananthapuram. Oh. You could have easily boarded a bus right? How am I supposed to find a bus on a Hartal day? Right! This was