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Do you believe in equality? I asked Life. Of course, yes! Life said. You are lying! Said I. For, if you truly did, We would not have been so different. Do you care for equality? I asked the World. Without a doubt! Was the reply. You are lying! Said I. For, if you truly did, Our differences would not have been so stark. Do you stand for equality? It was Humanity’s turn. I am all for it. Came the response. You are lying! Said I. For, if you truly did, We would not be killing our own all the time. Do you value equality? God come next. Why not! I love you all. Stop lying! Said I. For, if you truly did, Bone cancer in infants would have just been a myth. I do. Boomed loud and clear. I turned to face the voice. It was Death who had answered without being asked. Do you? I had to make sure. Good or bad; rich or poor; young or old; When your time comes, I reach out.

Wake Up

Why us? Wow. That’s too generic. Give me some context. Why were we burdened with conscience? This dreary sense of existence is overwhelming. Dreary, is it? I thought otherwise. I felt your lot loved the sense of being. Many of you are in eternal love with the pointless pursuit of the purpose of life. You feel it’s pointless? If you ask me, you would be better off living our life rather than pondering over its meaning. Well, there lies the problem. You see, living the life is not as easy as it sounds. Thanks to the superior intelligence, we are in a state where we have to make informed decisions in every minute of our lives. Some decisions are easy. Most are not. We have to weigh the benefits against the damages and arrive at a trade-off. And that’s the beauty of it. A decision you make has the power of transforming someone’s life entirely. Which is why deciding is difficult. Birds have it easy. They just fly around all day, and go back to their nests w