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‘One hundred point four. Mercury says you got fever, Ammu.’ ‘Ammu is sick’, said the little Prarthana touching her forehead with her left palm. Tara looked at her seven-year-old daughter, dressed in the white shirt and blue skirt school uniform, and smiled. ‘You would have to take the day off. Rest today, and you would be fine. How unfortunate to fall sick on the day of your math test, isn’t it Ammu?’ ‘Yes, Amma. Very sad.’ replied Prarthana, looking away. ‘Change your uniform, and go to bed. Amma would be back with you shortly.’ ‘Where are you going? What if I need you here?’ ‘Amma has a very important appointment today that I cannot miss. Take a nap, honey. I would be back by your side before you know it.’ Prarthana shrugged her shoulders. ‘A doctor has to save lives, I guess.’ There were no further dialogues. Prarthana went back to her room, changed her clothes, and blissfully embraced the comforting warmth the cozy bed offered. Tara placed