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Emo Intel

Hello Nayan. Good evening. Yeah. Whatever . Is anything wrong? Why do you think so? Your face looked tired. And your voice too didn't sound too bright. It's nothing. Just a long day. Why do you care anyway? I don't care , at least in the sense you mean. I do feel it's polite to ask. Your eyes seemed red. Were you in tears? God! Remind me to disable the face unlock feature. Adding reminder. At what time should I set the reminder? I was kidding, genius. Can't you take any sarcasm? I admit I got to improve a bit there. Hey! Do you think you should be driving now? You seem disturbed. I am fine. There is moderate traffic on our route.  You should reach your destination in 11 minutes, by 11:44 PM. Thanks. If you wish to reconsider, you'll get an Ola in 4 minutes. I told you I'm fine. If you say so. … Shall I play ‘ Whatever it Takes ’ by Imagine Dragons? Did I ask you to? You have l