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Jab KJo met Imtiaz

(Last year, at Imtiaz Ali's place) Karan Johar: Hey Imtiaz! Ali: Hello Karan. KJo: my new movie got released. Did you watch? Ali: No Karan I'm allergic to bullshit. KJo: Come on it's not that bad. Ranbir is the hero. Ali: Why do you spoil him yaar? I got him up and running with Rockstar and Tamasha. KJo: Don't be so judgmental. Watch and see.. *Ali watches the movie* KJo: How was it? Ali: Basically it's a stupid movie where Anushka plays a girl, whose wedding is due in weeks, roaming carefree around Europe and falling in love with a charming man she met. Why did you go for Ranbir? Your buddy SRK would've nailed this role. KJo: Khan Sahib is good, but hasn't he aged enough to stop playing such roles? But it hurts me to shoot a movie without him. That's why I added the pointless cameo. How was that? Ali: Sorry yaar the screenplay was so boring that I dozed off a bit and missed the whole Khan scene. But do you seriously think SRK i