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Mix Tape

This is a personal write up. Since people are generally interested in other people's affairs, I thought why not blog it as well. So the music day happened last Wednesday. For someone who is into songs whenever conscious, every day is a music day. Still, June 21 made me think of the songs that are very special to me. I just wanted to think across years, picking up songs and the memories associated to it, and put it all together in one place. Like a mix tape of sorts. I am not sure if the concept of mix tape is relevant anymore. It once was, when all you had was ordinary tapes. Now with everyone's shuffle playlists boasting of more diversity than any mix tape could possibly have, mix tapes have lost their charm. 1. Vaseegara - Minnale  Tamil movie Minnale came out in early 2000s, back when I was a school going boy. The innocent type. The shy-to-talk-to-girls type. I hear this song, and it's like I am transformed into a magical world. No other piece of musi