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Grassroots Fix

1992. Virtualia. “Hello!” “Tell me mom.”  “Hello?” “Hi Mom. Can you hear me?” “The voice is feeble. And there is a delay. But I can hear you. How did the ceremony go?” “It was great. The President herself came down and handed the awards over. About a thousand dignitaries, including politicians, scientists and other celebrities attended.” “I am so happy for you, son. Despite preparations for your sister’s wedding going on, you are the talk of the town back here. Neighbors and relatives are asking me the details of your findings. How shall I explain to them that you and your team are time traveling?”   “I am not going to bore you with the details, ma. And we have not actually traveled across time like they do in the movies. This is still nascent. But we know it is possible. We demonstrated our work by going back in time by one second.” “One second? How does it matter? I mean who would even observe the difference?” “Each second matters to science.