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2016 is in its last few minutes. At least that's the case in India. The news guy told us that New Zealand has already welcomed 2017. That's the funny thing about time. It is relative. Like most things are. Pardon me  monsieur, for I am not an absolutist. I am not even sure if i would be able to complete this before 2016 ends here. It does not matter anyway. What difference does a few minutes make? The earth keeps on rotating. The universe probably keeps on expanding. We keep on breathing.  There are a lot of 'Fuck You 2016' memes floating around. It is funny how we have decided to blame a period of time for our actions and the state we find ourselves in. (Okay I did not make up that last sentence. I read it somewhere.) Talking about 2016, was it actually that bad? I don't know. If you are cringing about how some of the right wing fringe groups have bestowed upon themselves to act as the defenders of nationalism and patriotism, then you shoul

Around The World In Eight Days

Hey. Oh Hi. I see that you are writing again. Well Yes I am trying to. I would appreciate it if you would not peek over my shoulders. Shouldn't it be  'Around The World In Eighty Days'? It would have been the case if I were Jules Verne. Seriously, I would like some privacy while writing. Oh I get it. You are writing about the film festival, aren't you? Thank you for spoiling my write up. I was keeping the IFFK twist for the end. Come on. It's elementary, Watson. Go on with your piece. Happy writing. ****************************************************** Around the world in eight days. The ticket cost you just five hundred rupees. What an irresistible offer. I signed up without much thought. So did thousands of others. The trip was to be in the month of December. We waited impatiently. Enter December. Begin festival. We reached the launch pad half an hour early. All seats were already taken up. Rest of us ushered ourselve