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Movie Review : Rock On 2

Title :  Rock On 2
Language : Hindi
Year : 2016
Director : Shujaat Saudagar
Genre : Drama, Musical
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Lead Role : Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Sraddha Kapoor, Prachi Desai

Rock On had succeeded because it had caught the attention of the youth with its pulsating music and cool ideals. Rock On had succeeded because it had portrayed in an intense and realistic manner. Rock On had ended where Magic had begun, or rejoined after a hiatus. Some years passed by. What happened to Aditya Shroff, Jo, Sakshi, Debby and Killer Drummer? Welcome to Rock On 2.

Rock On 2 begins the show in the serene and mystical villages of Shillong where Aditya leads a rather reclusive life after something went wrong a few years back. (Yeah that’s the same way he reacted after fighting with his friends In Rock On! That’s the way he is. He tries to run away from problems.) The friends do meet occasionally. Sing songs and all that stuff. We are also shown the interaction between be a wannabe musician Uday and the introverted, talented Jia. As the story progresses, music happens.

A discussion of Rock On! series is nothing without mentioning its music. Unlike the prequel, the composers have not gone for an all-out rock show.  Rather, we are introduced to soulful tunes emerging from different cultural demographics. (Ishq Mastana, Hoi Kiw). Still, my personal favorite ‘Woh Jahan’ holds a special place in the movie.

Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Sraddha Kapoor, Prachi Desai and many others have delivered a neat performance. Frames are full of north east beauty.

Rock On 2 may not enjoy a similar success because viewers may compare it with its prequel, which could be called a coming of age classic. Rock On 2 may not enjoy a similar success because the viewers, still under the influence of ‘Bulleya’ or ‘Break Up Song’ have not emoted very well with ‘Jaago’ or ‘Tere Mere Dil’ as much as they had with ‘Tum Ho Toh’ or ‘Sinbad the Sailor’. Rock On 2 may not enjoy a similar success because the current demonetization issues may keep a portion of viewers away from theaters at least for a while. Rock On 2 may not enjoy a similar success a set of narrow minded, blind set of ignorant people is trying to tarnish the movie because of dirty politics allegedly because the producers Farhan and Ritesh said they would not oblige to that goon vigilante Raj Thackeray and his whims.

Personally, I loved the film. At the end of the day, that’s all what matters to me. (Of course Rock On! Was a better experience.)

There’s a scene where a character says “Market me jo bhikhtha he who banta he dil ka tune”. (What sells becomes our favorites). Just felt like mentioning it here. 


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