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Free Choice

We and our free choices. We, who became when two souls made love. The time was not chosen by us, the place neither. Our own names are someone else's choice. We speak the tongue our neighbors speak, And worship God the way our kin do. We and our free choices. We go to school because everybody does. We act proud of the place we were born. And fight others born on the wrong side, where boundaries were laid out by people who passed. We and our free choices. Tall. Short. Fat. Slim. Black. White. Gay. Straight. Height was not chosen by us, color of skin neither. Our bodies grow. Hair fall.  Ageing is a truth not a choice. An innocuous breath is not our choice. One fine day, we stop being. We do not choose the date, place or time. Thoughts and dust are all what would remain, Of us, and our free choices.