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Movie Review : Sulemani Keeda

Title : Sulemani Keeda Language : Hindi Year : 2014 Director : Amit Masurkar Genre : Comedy, Romance IMDB Link Watch trailer on Youtube Lead Role :  Naveen Kasturia, Mayank Tewari, Aditi Vasudev I sat down to watch the movie with the premonition that the name “Sulemani” had some relations with the Malayalam word “Sulaimani”, which means black tea. To my surprise,” Keeda” apparently means pain, and the title of the film could be loosely translated as “pain in the ass”. The freshness that was experienced in the title was sustained throughout the 90 minutes duration of the movie. Sulemani Keeda tells us the tale of two wannabe writers, who aspire to go beyond the conventional stereotyped notions of mainstream Indian cinema. The presentation, character descriptions are all based on the realities of today’s society. The story deals with their struggles, both in the film industry as well as in their social lives on light notes with mild dosages of adult humor. I am not go

BatGirl vs SuperGirl: The Race for Justice [part Two]

(Hello people, please read the prequel  if you have not already. Thanks) One of the news channels decided to interview Claire, and she was asked why she thought it was a good idea for girls to drive. To this, she replied that unlike the popular notion, driving was not a hard labor. Rather, driving liberated people as it made them independent. ‘Miss Kent, do you think our women folk are physically strong enough to take up driving?’ ‘Definitely. Women are not weak, sir. If you could let me race against men on bicycles, I would easily beat most of them.’ ‘What’s your stand on other similar issues, like the prohibition on men dancing, or women folk doing farming, business or entering politics?’ ‘Personally, I feel that all gender biases should go.’ ‘Then why have you decided to focus on the issue of driving alone?’ ‘Someone famous once opined that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ ‘Thank You for your time, Claire Kent. May your fight

BatGirl vs SuperGirl: The Race for Justice [part One]

I am not sure if you have heard of Virtualia, but it is a happy nation, filled with happy people. And when I say happy people, I mean happy men, happy women and happy trans genders. The folks of Virtualia hold the notions of equality very highly. They believe, and believe firmly that gender is not a basis for discrimination. To be honest, such a setup is the reason for the happiness in the state. Therefore, Virtualian men go out and do works such as farming, driving, trading, building, treating, designing, researching, governing and all such jobs which are suited for men. Women focus more on cooking, washing, cleaning, painting, singing and dancing. They know that men were built strong and hence could do hard labor. They also know that women are delicate, so they had to be given appropriate jobs. They were quite confused when it came to trans genders. They were neither strong enough to do hard labor, nor that delicate to be confined to homes. Thus, they were destined to beg for their