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Movie Review : Piku

Title : Piku Language : Hindi Year : 2015 Director :  Shoojit Sircar Genre : Drama, Comedy IMDB Link Watch trailer on Youtube Lead Role :   Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Irrfan Khan A director who caught public attention by presenting offbeat themes including that of a sperm donor (Vicky Donor) and a political thriller (Madras Café) in his previous works. A legendary actor whose very presence shoots up the interests of the average cine-goer.  A diva that has attained the tag of ‘Lady Superstar’ by managing to balance commercial success as well as critical acclaim. An actor known for choosing performance oriented roles, and whose portfolio has grown beyond international boundaries. When such eminent personalities join hands for a project, it is understandable that expectations reach sky high. And Piku succeeds in satisfying your hopes. Piku could be described as a realistic; coming of age tale of today’s working women, and their social relationships and much more. T

Divine Plan – Shuffle Mode

The newsreader at the prime time TV channel adjusted his voice and announced in a grave tone,  ‘In another suspected case of a jihadist attack, a suicide bomber blew up at a crowded market in the Kuwaiti town of Salmiya, leaving nine dead and over thirty injured. The deceased include two Indians – Raju Chatterjee, a native of Sainthia village of West Bengal, and George Jacob, hailing from Alappuzha, Keralam…’ *** Born to Catholic parents, George had a childhood rooted in Christianity and Jesus Christ. He used to spend his spare time at the church rather than at home because it amazed him and also because he felt his love devoid house suffocating. Whenever his parents fought, he would clutch his rosary and pray for miracles. His mom and dad separated in due time, and George’s life was a misery since then.  As life posed tough questions before him, his faith started waning away gradually. He no longer believed in miracles, started doubting the existence of God, and que


Prologue: I hope you guys remember the wacky professor Nageshwar Rao, and his young roommate Vipin Das, whom I had introduced in one of my previous attempts, stupidly titled Chennai Tidbits. Here, I am trying to bring these two characters back. One may call this a sequel, but the relation between the two stories ends here. So it does not really matter if you have not read the Tidbits story. But, if you actually feel like reading that, the link is all there for you: Chennai Tidbits And to those who took time to read my previous attempt and gave me your opinions, a big thanks. Hoping you would enjoy this one too. Good luck! Vishnu. ”it’s the quintessential urge to explore the unknown that has paved the way for humanity’s advancement from the very beginning.” 284. I had got that many ‘likes’ on my new profile picture on Facebook. That meant three new likes since the last time I checked my account, which was nearly a full five minutes ago. The digital clock on the

Movie Review : Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring

Title : Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Language : Korean Year : 2003 Director : Kim Ki-duk Genre : Drama IMDB Link Watch trailer on Youtube Lead Role :    Su Oh-yeong ,  Kim Young-min ,  Seo Jae-kyung , Kim Jong-ho The title of the film is quite unusual, so is the movie itself. If you ask me the story, it is pretty much simple and one dimensional - but if you watch closely, you realize the plot is pretty intense and layered. The movie opens up to reveal a simple floating monastery, with a master and his young disciple being its only inhabitants. These two spend their lives praying and preparing herbs. As the story progresses, we see different stages of their lives, drawn to an analogy of changing seasons. The essence of the movie could not be fully digested if you are not at all familiar with Buddhist beliefs  and symbols. For instance, rooster, cat and snake symbolize lust, fighting of evil, and anger respectively. This is a philosophical account, and probabl

Lie's Labor Lost

Meet our friend Harikrishnan. Don’t you see the five boys in school uniform munching their sandwiches at the Maria’s? Well, the third one from the right is Hari. He and his buddies are on their way back home after school. “ Guys, what about a movie tomorrow? ” asked Abin, one of the five. All four looked at him. “ Don’t we have maths tuitions? ” reasoned Arjun. “ Anish sir would end the class by eleven. We can make it for the noon show. ” it seems that Abin had worked his plans out. “ I’m always in for a movie. ” Tony spoke in jest. “ Count me out, guys. Ramadan starts tomorrow, and cinemas are forbidden. ” Shameem made his stand. Arjun too gave in after some prodding by Tony and Abin. The three of them turned to Hari. “ Let me ask my parents. ” *** “ Don’t you have anything to study? ” Indira asked her son.  “ Abin, Arjun and Tony are going, mommy! ” “ Didn’t Tony flunk the last monthly test?  "Indira had an eidetic memory

Movie Review : Diabolique

Title : Diabolique Language : French Year : 1955 Director : Henri-Georges Clouzot Genre : Thriller, Mystery IMDB Link Lead Role : Simone Signoret, Vera Clouzot, Paul Meurisse Just watched this two hour long movie, and I am in a dazed state. Can’t really believe this edge of the seat thriller was visualized way back in 1950s! For an introduction of the plot, it is about a harsh and sadistic headmaster of a school, and how his wife and sympathetic mistress hatch a plan together to finish him off. Well, the movie is much more than that but I’m not going to reveal any of it and spoil the party. The word ‘realistic’ was given a whole new dimension by the makers. For instance, there is a particular scene that shows a couple listening to a questionnaire program on radio. The husband tries to answer the questions, and he looks at his wife in a proud manner whenever his answer was right. Those who watch KBC or similar shows must have experienced similar situations. There are