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Oh my God!

Dear Jesus,

How are you, my friend?  Received the letter you sent me the other day. Well, how are things down there? I hope everything is okay, though I’m quite sure it is not a walk on the cake. Do not worry friend, the case is not much different here.

Apparently people have become more demanding of late. It is really tiring to constantly hear their persistent requests, demanding one thing or another. No matter how much they already have, they simply need something more. Of course, the demand ranges from health, wealth, fame, to more materialistic ones like physical looks, good looking partners, cars, and houses, so on and on. It is always good to dream of a better life. But, what they forget often are that dreaming and praying for their goals is not just enough. When would they realize that they need to wake up and work for it, too? Hadn’t I told you about that college kid who did not believe in us? Right before his final exams, I saw him praying for an easy test. It really surprised me. How easily do people change their values? Since he had prepared well, he easily passed his exams.

I remember what you mentioned in your previous letter, about the unbearable heat in the church thanks to a thousand candles being lighted simultaneously. If it is any consolation, lamps or diyas with oil and burning wicks are not any cooler. Whenever people have to get something done, they offer a thousand lamps and then hope for some miracles. First, they propagate stories about our magical powers. Then they wish for such divine interventions, and do not give us rest until their demands are met. On the other hand, most of them fail to even acknowledge us during their happy times. The heights of irony, I must say!

Speaking of irony, I am really saddened by how intolerant our disciples have turned into. We spent our entire lives spreading messages of love and peace, and today most blood is shed in our names. As you said, this could be due to the lack of proper education. And contrary to popular perception, I believe religions are actually doing more harm than good to people. They preach that we are omnipotent, yet they build our shrines and confine us inside the four walls there. All people are equal before us, yet I do not know why they feel the need of a mediator to talk to us. What is most alarming is the extent to which some people believe whatever being spoken in the name of religion! Recently I came across a horrifying experience where a two year old girl was buried alive by her own family. Her parents claimed her to an avatar of god. I do not know how to explain all that!!

Very well, there is no much use whining over it, right? Like all those billions out there, let us too hope of a better tomorrow.

God bless us.
Yours Lovingly,


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